New Security For Premier Website

Our website is forever evolving and improving. With the announcement by search engine giant Google recently that secures sites are more acceptable for their listings we have invested in adding ‘the padlock’ to our site. Normally associated with shopping carts this means all data is now encrypted here at: .

This will help us get information about our pallet inverters, pallet changers, pallet dispensers and accessories more securely to an ever widening audience. If you would like to know more about our range please just get in touch.

Premier launch new Pallet Stacker site

As a major supplier of the Palomat Pallet Stackers (pallet dispensers) in the UK we have launched a new site that covers all the models and information about these machines.

The Palomat pallet stacker has proved itself in many factory and distribution settings, and has grown in popularity over the 15 years we have been selling and supporting it.

Allowing pallets to be safely stacked and stored whilst cutting down on injuries and workload the Palomat range can cater for almost all requirement.

Visit our site at