BAP Felixstowe

BAP LogoWe at BAP Felixstowe have been operating one of your pallet inverters at our site in Felixstowe for some years now and found it to be a very reliable machine.
This week we experienced an issue with the machine and our own on site fitter called your office to ask for prices for repair items / call out options.

The person on the phone was so helpful with advice it enabled us to complete a repair without cost which helped our operation massively. While I recognise the ‘commercial’ aspect of the business would have been happy to get a call out and a repair out of the call, the fact that you helped us out was really appreciated. I will be quick to recommend the service and yourselves in the future.

Please pass thanks to the person who helped us – it made a difference.

James Wyatt
BAP Transport Ltd

Testimonial Matthew Clark Co.

matthew clark logo

Premier was our company of choice because of the total package offered in terms of cost and good service level both before sale and after sale.  We had needed to transfer  stock onto GKN pallets and also needed to reduce our workforce’s manual handling.  We are extremely pleased with our dealings with Premier Pallet Systems Limited.

Martin Moran, Regional Risk Manager, Matthew Clark Co , Birmingham

Below is a picture of the machine that is installed at  Matthew Clark’s

Pallet Inverter Matthew Clarke

Testimonial from Sensient Flavours Ltd

We at Sensient were faced with various Health and Safety issues with unorthodox practices for squaring up loads and damage pallet exchanges. We found the Inverter provided by Premier Pallet Systems to be invaluable in providing a cost effective safe solution to our problems. The use of a rental model to prove the process was invaluable at assessing the final model choice and customising items to match our requirements and working environment

Mike Buller, Project Engineering Manager, Sensient Flavors Ltd

Testimonial Bisley Office Equipment

Bisley LogoBisley Office Equipment in Newport are a world renowned manufacturer of steel office storage.

Premier has supplied three Inverters to Bisley, the first of which was delivered over 18 years ago and is still used regularly today.

The machines are used to turn over stacks of steel sheet in order to present them in the right orientation prior to painting. Originally, Bisley ordered 2 RR Type 1 models for handling sheet up to 2200mm wide, then, in 2009, a custom built, FS1000 was delivered.
Tony Walker, Senior Engineer at Bisley said:

We had the two RR Type 1 machines from Premier in the first instance and were very impressed with their reliability. Therefore when we needed another inverter we decided to approach Premier again

Premier supplied an FS1000 inverter specifically built to Bisley’s needs for handling
smaller size, very thin sheets of steel.

Tony said:

The new machine has solved our problem totally and is very reliable.

July 2013

Testimonial McCormick

McCormickIn May 2012 Premier Pallet Systems received a Project Equipment specification from McCormick UK Limited at Aylesbury. The requirement was to transfer goods from wooden to plastic pallets prior to them entering the production area. This is a very common request from our customers and we have many years’ experience of handling these types of load. McCormick UK Limited needed to handle about 300 loads per day on a 24/7 operation. Their special additional requirements were for the machine to have Emergency Stop button and be manually controlled.

Premier Pallet Systems quoted both a new and a reconditioned inverter – the new machine being our latest model on the market – the FS DC bars machine. A floor flush loading table removes the need for a ramp and the load would be placed against the 3 side bars ensuring secure support whilst the being inverted and without the need for high clamping pressure.

Paul McGrath, Senior Group Leader at McCormickUK Limited said:

“The introduction of the pallet inverter within our Haddenham plant has proven to be a key investment in the elimination of waste identified by the operators within the Warehouse Department, which has led to increased pallet turnover of 30% in the first 4 weeks of use. Importantly, the operators have recognised the ease of use and also identified what “value added” activities can be completed within the process with the time saved from using this new inverter”.

Two members of the McCormickUK Limited team visited Premier Pallet Systems to see the machine in action before it was transported to their factory. Paul McGrath added

”the service from Premier Pallet Inverters was not only very impressive, but also Top Class. The fact they were willing to entertain McCormick UK Limited employees to review the inverter we were interested in, and also the training and commissioning, was terrific”.

Testimonial Goodpack

The rubber industry worldwide is moving away from one-trip wooden packaging, which is ecologically unfriendly and potentially contaminating in the manufacture of tyre production and turning towards multi-trip metal boxes. Goodpack is the leading global supplier of a suitable box for rubber, both natural and synthetic and the tyre plants are then faced with several different options for removing the rubber from the box. One such option, which has been successfully addressed by the use of a Premier Pallet Inverter involves the inversion of a full metal box of rubber containing something like 1.2 tons onto usually a slave pallet where the rubber is then accessible to the downstream production lines. This is proving to be very satisfactory, particularly investing in an area of polystyrene production where major users of synthetic rubber have adopted this approach to manipulating rubber.


Testimonial Sanofi Aventis

Michael Glass of leading pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis approached Premier Pallet Systems to solve the problem of transferring product from incoming pallets onto hygienic aluminium pallets before entering the production area.

Michael said:

“ When I spoke to Premier, I had not heard of their Pallet Changer, but after discussion with them and exploring all the different options they suggested, it appeared to be the ideal solution to our problem, meaning there did not need to be any manual handling of the pallet. We are extremely pleased with the machine – it does exactly what we need it to do – and is a very reliable piece of kit”.