Top Safety Accreditation for Premier

Premier Safe Contractor

Premier has been awarded accreditation from Safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety. Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.

The company’s application for Safecontractor accreditation was driven by the need for a uniform standard across the business.


After it’s first launch nearly eight years ago we have been working hard to update our French Retourneur de Palette site making it more mobile and user friendly.


PREMIER PALLET SYSTEMS á une expérience de 25 ans dans la conception et la construction de matériels de transfert de palette. Notre expérience est votre garantie, pour vous apporter un long service. Quelque soit l’application, nous avons un retourneur pour vous.

“. . . ont été étudiés pour diminuer les coûts de production, stockage et distribution avec une large solution de transfert de palette.”


  • Transferer les produits entrant sur les palettes hygeniques ou sur les palettes normalisées de stockage.
  • Rendre les palettes en location.
  • Augmenter la sécurité et la clarté dans l’entrepôt – le sac abîmé ou palette cassée pourra être retourné sur la charge d’une autre palette.
  • Retourner les charges lourdes et diminuer la manutention manuelle et augmenter la sécurité sur le lieu de travail

The site covers all of the pallet inverters, pallet changers and other items that we so often supply to the French market.

New Customers In New Countries

It’s always an easy option to trot out the ‘our best year ever’ stories in the News sections of company websites, but for Premier, 2012 really has been good. What is particularly pleasing is that we’ve supplied Inverters to many new customers and new countries such as Serbia, Kenya & Slovakia. At the same time our existing agents in America, Europe & Australia have been achieving excellent results, and helped to overcome the general global economic downturn. We’re grateful for all their hard work.
If you know us you will know we’re not exaggerating. If you don’t know us, then you may want to join us and find out why so many businesses worldwide our choosing our Pallet Inverters and Pallet Stackers over those of our competition.

Happy Holidays and New Year to all our customers, agents and suppliers. We hope that 2013 be a year of growth for all of us.

Exporting Pallet Inverters to Australia

Although Australia is one of the most distant locations we service we are pleased that the assistance we offer our clients locally is second to none. It seems as if the world really is shrinking, with modern day transport and communications allowing us to work closely with our team in Australia to make sure that every Pallet Inverter, Pallet Changer or Pallet Dispenser we ship is fully supported.

Still Exporting to Greece

With all the negative news about the Greek economy we are really pleased to say that this has not been our recent experience with them. We can only hope that the recent orders from companies in Greece for: 4 Pallet Dispensers, 1 Pallet Changer and 2 FSDC Pallet Inverters is a positive sign that the country is on the mend.

Exporting to China

With all the downbeat news about how much is being imported into the UK from China we are really pleased to be building a healthy Export business to China. This has recently been boosted by some significant orders for our Pallet Changer and also our FSDC Pallet Inverters. Selling to China offers new challenges and also good rewards. Our trade with the Chinese has been very encouraging. Our high build quality has been well received in, what for us, continues to be an expanding market.