Full Range of 180° Pallet Inverters
FS Pallet Inverter Image 1
Loads by forklift truck, ideal for all types of palletised load, Fast, simple and reliable.
working fsdc pallet inverter
Loads by pallet truck/FLT, Handles all conventional loads in all environments,Most versatile machine in range.
RR Type 1 Inverter
Usually loads by FLT or crane, Specifically for heavy/wide loads of steel/paper/board, Heavy duty applications only
RR Type 2 Pallet Inverter full and open
Loads flush to floor by pallet truck, To invert small stacks up to 1200 kgs especially paper Lightweight applications, simple hands-on operation
DD 1.25 Pallet Inverter tilted
Loads by pallet truck, stacker or FLT, Handles loads up to 1250 Kgs on standard pallets, Versatile machine for lightweight applications